Movinf Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. - Rebuilding the Gulf Coast...BETTER!
Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc.

When Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. opened its doors in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita,
we were one of the only non-profit organizations led by natives of the Gulf Coast committed to working regionally,
across race/ethnicity from a human rights perspective. We brought to the recovery the lessons learned
from being reared in the traditions of the Deep South and the values of the Gulf Coast.

From the beginning, we took pride in prioritizing the rebuilding of long-standing communities that make the Gulf Coast unique.
With real accountability at stake, our programs, our projects and our community interactions allowed us to accomplish our
original mission in a timeframe that honors the long process of restoration. Our commitment, once catalyzed
by unimaginable need, continues to be sustained by deep love and gratitude.

As phases of recovery shifted, so too did MFGC’s work and mission. What started as homage to the families
and communities that raised us, soon turned to the inevitable duty to engage in the various racial, environmental
and economic justice struggles embedded in disaster recovery. After nearly 10 years of community work, the ultimate goal
of Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. became working to build civic participation in Gulf Coast communities of Color.
Programs once incubated by MFGC have now launched as independent organizations.

Crescent city Media Group - Click Here
Gulf coast Center for Law & Policy - Click Here

Building civic participation is now the foundation of Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. and increasing the presence,
engagement and leadership of Gulf Coast communities in various political spheres is our commitment.
We welcome you to join us in our new mission. And we invite you to support the independent initiatives founded with your support.

For More information on Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. contact us at:

Facebook: Moving Forward
Phone: 985.643.6186